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Fear and Uncertainty: Many doctors feel overwhelmed by the thought of transitioning to private practice. They worry about the financial risks, the workload, and whether they have the necessary skills to run a business.

Lack of Knowledge: Doctors are experts in medicine, not business management. The complexities of setting up and running a private clinic can be daunting, leading to feelings of inadequacy.

Feeling Isolated: Making the leap from NHS practice to private healthcare can be a lonely journey. Without a support network, doctors may feel isolated and unsupported.

If these internal problems remain unresolved, doctors risk making costly mistakes that could jeopardize their private practice before it even begins. They may end up feeling frustrated, burnt out, and trapped in a situation that doesn't fulfill them professionally or personally.

You're Not Alone!

Embarking on the journey into private healthcare can feel like a solitary endeavor, but with Josh Zappacosta as your guide, you're never alone. Josh has helped many doctors like you navigate the complexities of setting up and running a successful private clinic. He's walked beside them, transforming their fears into confidence, their doubts into determination. From financial planning to patient acquisition strategies, Josh has provided the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in private practice. His previous clients have seen significant improvements in their business operations, patient satisfaction, and overall work-life balance. With Josh's guidance, they've not only survived the transition but flourished, building thriving practices that reflect their values and vision. And he's ready to do the same for you. Together, you'll chart a path towards a successful private practice, turning your dream into a rewarding reality.

It's easy to get started:

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Schedule a complimentary call with Josh to discuss your goals and concerns and find out how his program can help you.

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Over a period of six weeks, you will cover all aspects of running a private healthcare clinic, from financial planning to marketing strategies.

Step 3: Implement the Learnings

Apply what you've learnt to establish and run a successful private healthcare practice.

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